40+ Suppliers & Partners from 1971-2017

Bjarni and Haraldur, the founders of Icetronica International, have attended trade-shows every single year from 1971 to 2017. Icetronica has ordered samples and put great care into selecting the right suppliers for our customers. The most important criteria is that the product has less than 1% returns over a long-period of time and price comes as a close second. Today we have 40+ trusted partners that provide a wide range of products for every specification that have been pre-approved by Bjarni and Haraldur – with commitment to excellence.

Hundreds of Satisfied Customers

Company overview

Icetronica International is situated in Stangarhyl 7, 110 Reykjavik, Iceland. The main telephone number is +354 534 1990 and best email hh@icetronica.is.


Mr. Bjarni Agustsson and Mr. Haraldur Hjartarson have been working in the security business, importing, selling and specifying security equipment since 1971.

They worked for the Philips distributor in Iceland for many years and gained valuable experience. Both are well known in the security industry for introducing new technology to the Icelandic market and first to import and sell Digital Video Recorders in Iceland.

We have handled many interesting and varied projects, the first was a C.C.T.V. camera system built for the Match of the Century between Boris Spassky and Bobby Fischer in 1972.

Icetronica has won numerous tenders that include customers at Keflavík Airport, Spölur tunnel, Hotels, Icelandair Cargo Center, Icelandair Kitchen building, National Power Company, Icelandic Power Company, Blue Cargo, HS Geothermal Power Company, Hagar Group, Blue Lagoon, several Fishing Plants and many more.

Commitment to Excellence

At Icetronica, we strongly believe in providing our customers with innovative, superior quality products that are competitively priced. We offer the most aggressive, complete array of customer services made available to the digital – video security market. Furthermore, we constantly aim for 100% customer satisfaction. Simply stated, this means that we will always do whatever possible to ensure that every customer is completely satisfied. Icetronica is committed to become one of the best suppliers of digital security equipment in Iceland.

Icetronica staff have been trained to provide excellent service and to achieve this, we have contracts with several important companies handling installation and service.

We personally stand behind Icetronica International – Commitment to Excellence and therefore we personally handle every customer issue brought to our attention. We look forward to our future business relationship.


Bjarni Agustsson, Managing Director
Haraldur Hjartarson, Director of Sales

Icetronica International continues to grow every day thanks to the confidence our clients have in us. We deliver high-tech equipment from suppliers and partners around the world.

Our mission

Our integrity program has been able to:

  • Maintain less than 1% returns of our products
  • Work with and for our customers to ensure satisfaction
  • Attract and retain quality suppliers
  • Cut expenses without sacrificing quality

CCTV í HD samanburður


Contact MR. HJARTARSON at ICETRONICA INTERNATIONAL offices for more information. 

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