Since 1971 the founders of Icetronica International have been industry leaders in introducing innovative CCTV systems and other high-tech products to the Icelandic market.

Integrity Properties

Icetronica designs and builds systems from initial sketches to the final construction. Since 1971 we have focused on quality control during all steps of implementation.


Icetronica provides systems that can be upgraded regularly to make use of the latest trends. Our systems are also very durable and some CCTV systems are over 15 years old and still running!

Challenging Staff

Icetronica outsources many projects to long-term contractors which have agreed to our very high standards. Most of our contractors have worked for Icetronica since the founding of the company and are happily still working today.

Privacy and Safety

Icetronica CCTV systems adhere to strict regulations regarding privacy and safety. This has been a very important part of the services Icetronica provides to valued customers.

Quality Services

Icetronica has been able to maintain close to a 100% customer satisfaction since the founding of the company. The key is to test products from our suppliers so that we only offer products of the highest quality at lowest possible prices.

Innovation Solutions

Icetronica attends tradeshows regularly to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in high-tech equipment. We have been able to be the first company to introduce digital recording, HD cameras, remote viewing and many other innovations.

Continuous Improvements

Icetronica does weekly maintenance to ensure that all systems are working well for our customers. This service is free of charge and ensures quality control.

Operational Excellence

Icetronica is based on Harvard’s cost-model which in short means that almost every dollar goes to buying products and providing services for our customers. We use contractors and overhead costs are kept to a bare minimum. This gives Icetronica a competitive edge compared to large companies with higher costs.

Contact MR. HJARTARSON at ICETRONICA INTERNATIONAL offices for more information. 

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